2018 Online Benefit Auction

Don’t miss out on our online North American Junior Red Angus Benefit Auction hosted on sconlinesales.com. Proceeds from the auction will fund the 2019 NAJRAE show. Bidding will begin on June 18 and close Thursday, June 21 during the adult social.

A special thank you to our social sponsors Blair's Ag and Premier Reds.

Lots Include:

NAJRAE Calendar Ads
We will be auctioning off ad space in our annual NAJRAE Calendar. Each month will be offered and the calendar is mailed with the Reds on the Rocks Catalog and is handed out at National Shows throughout the year. It is an awesome advertising opportunity! Months: January - December

3 Conventional Embryos
Sire: WEBR Doc Holliday
Dam: Trowbridge Lana 707
Donated by: 3 Aces Cattle Company

4 Embryos
Sire: Red Six Mile Signature
Dam: CBAR 458B
Donated by: C-Bar Red Angus

2 Conventional Embryos
Sire: WEBR Dr Feelgood 1112 
PZC TMAS Dreamgirl 2367
Donated by: Eagle Pass Ranch

3 Conventional Embryos
Sire:  PZC TMAS Firestorm 1800 ET
Dam: MF Marilyn 0165
Donated by: McMurphy Farms

3 Conventional Embryos
Sire:  Majestic Lion Heart A25
Dam: Majestic Blockanna Z21
Donated by: Presnell Red Angus

2 IVF Sexed Heifer Embryos
Sire:  WEBR Night Train
Dam: TC Luanna 82
Donated by: TC Reds

3 Embryos
Sire:  PIE Specialist 430
Dam: Red Wilbar 638S
Donated by: Wilbar Cattle Co.

Red Fine Line Mulberry 26P, Reg# 1151261
5 Straws
Donated by:3 Aces Cattle Company

DAMAR NEXT D852, Reg# 3598408
5 Straws
Donated by: 7K Red Angus

A1 Andiamo, Reg# 1645168
5 Straws
Donated by: Campbell Creek Red Angus

MANN Red Box 55C, Reg #3525359
2 - 5 straw packages
Donated by: Duff Cattle Company

Red Blair's Bingo 581B, Reg #1832237
2 - 5 straw packages
Donated by: Duff Cattle Company

Red Blair's Bingo 581B, Reg #1832237
3 Straws
Donated by: Twin Willow Farms

Red Crowfoot Moonshine 8081U, Reg #1525818
5 Straws
Donated by: Sand Ridge Farms

Red Lazy MC Venom 34Z, Reg #1551743
5 Straws
Donated by: Sand Ridge Farms

PZ TMAS Firestorm 1800 ET,  Reg #1472101
3 Straws
Donated by: TC Reds

TWG Tango 156D,  Reg #3534904
5 Straws
Donated by: Timber Creek Ranch

U2 Outlier 508E,  Reg #3873823
10 Straws
Donated by: TJS Red Angus

RRA TLC Hawkeye 519, Reg #1743260
5 Straws
Donated by: TLC Livestock Service and Rich Red Angus

Tree Lane Perfect Storm, Reg #1333190
3 Straws
Donated by: Tree Lane Farms

TLF King of Spades, Reg #1719600
3 Straws
Donated by: Tree Lane Farms

200 Watt LED Light Chute Lights
Donated by: Lakeside Livestock Equipment

3 Holster Ranch Hand Cooler
Donated by: JK Angus