State Herdsmanship

The purpose of this contest is to encourage cooperation, fellowship and teamwork among state juniors in developing and maintaining a display of cattle and stall area. It also promotes pride and enthusiasm for the state junior organization and rewards those organizations that achieve this purpose.

The contest is held Wednesday-Friday of the North American Junior Red Angus Event. The states are divided into two divisions small state and large states.

They are judged on aisle & bedding (cleanliness and general appearance); animals (clean and well-groomed); equipment, boxes, signs, etc. (well arranged, attractive and general appearance); personnel attending cattle (neat appearance, knowledgeable, friendly, teamwork, enthusiasm); and promotion of association, state, Red Angus or beef.

The actual booth space cannot exceed a 10x10 area. The emphasis in the scoring is placed on cleanliness and general appearance of the aisle and how the animals are maintained.

The scoring is based on the following:

Stalls will be assigned to exhibitors according to state.  Failure to stall in assigned stall space will result in a forfeiture of all premiums and elimination from the herdsmanship competition.

No butt fans permitted.

You may have signs for your junior state association.

Farm signs are not allowed, only stall cards provided at the show are allowed. Stall Cards will be provided at check-in. If provided stall cards are not used, points will be deducted.