Photos must be digitally submitted online through the NAJRAE website. The link will open May 1st, 2020. All photos must be submitted through the link prior to Friday, June 1, 2020. No photos shall be mailed in or brought to the show.

Photo Upload Site

Contest Rules

  1. All work must be that of the entrant and must somehow include Red Angus in the photo. 

  2. Photo cannot be altered or image enhanced in any way. Photos must be in COLOR with no altering, filters, or enhancements. Contestants are encouraged to use 35 - millimeter (mm) cameras. 

  3. Photos must be taken by the contestant during the past year. Photos cannot have been presented at previous NAJRAE or Junior Red Angus contests.
  4. One entry per contestant. 

  5. NAJRAE reserves the right to use the photos in the future in any way they see fit.

  6. Contest participation counts towards the sweepstakes contest. Participants must be present during the week of NAJRAE.