Arts and Crafts

Contest Date: Due at check-in on Monday

Age divisions for all shows and contests are determined by your age as of January 1, 2020.

  1. All entries must be original work, created within the last year and not previously entered at an NAJRAE.

  2. Any exhibiting artist consents to the use of his/her name and the artist’s image(s) for purposes of promotion and advertisement by NAJRAE. The artist waives any claim including claim for the invasion of the right of privacy of copyright, against NAJRAE, it's directors, officers, etc.

  3. ALL entries must be farm/ranch related and promote the Red Angus breed or beef industry in some way.

  4. Any medium may be used: pencil, crayon, pastel, paint, fabric, metal, wood, clay, etc. It cannot contain photographs.

  5. All flat art (i.e. drawings, paintings) must be matted with black mat board/paper or may be framed. Canvas pieces do not need to be matted.

  6. Exhibitors will be responsible for providing tables/stands for any 3-dimensional entries to be displayed. NAJRAE must be notified in advance if any unconventional method of presentation or hanging is required.

  7. Originality is key!

  8. One entry per person.

  9. Contestants should attach 8.5”x11” portfolio of the production of the entry. Portfolio should include: plans, materials used, any photos of the exhibitor makings brief description describing how artwork was made, contestant name, and age as of May 15, 2020.

  10. Contest participation counts towards the sweepstakes contest. Participants must be present during the week of NAJRAE.